Helping Small Businesses Win Goverment Contracts - ASCEND LA

Helping LA Based Businesses Win Goverment Contracts – ASCEND LA

Watch the interview with Deborah Membreño of LISC LA on the ASCEND LA program for Small Businesses in Los Angeles County. LISC LA is a proud member of the South Los Angeles CDFI Consortium.

Frequently Asked Questions

ASCEND LA brings together a network of non-profit lenders, education providers, and B2B market makers to provide diverse entrepreneurs with the resources and market access you need to accelerate business growth.

There is nothing more powerful in business than the will to succeed, complemented by an entrepreneurial mindset and a strong business foundation. The program, broken down into 6 modules, brings in esteemed faculty members of various disciplines from LMU as well as industry experts in purchasing, contracting, and financing to equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to take their businesses to the next level:

1. Entrepreneurial Mindset & Management: Developing proactive, innovative, and resilient behavior; overcoming barriers to growth; setting and achieving goals.

2. Marketing & Sales: Customer analysis; value proposition; story-telling; pitching; selling and landing customers.

3. Management & Leadership: Developing growth strategy; planning and executing.

4. Accounting, Financial, & Financing: Basic accounting & bookkeeping; planning & budgeting; financial projection; obtaining capital.

5. Establishing Yourself as Contractor: Building personal and business Credit; insurance & bonds; project management

6. Contract Acquisition: Reviewing RFP & responding to bids; certification; capability statement; negotiating and winning.

The next enrollment period is March of 2023. To receive updates, please visit the ASCEND LA website and sign up for updates.

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