How to become a USC Credit Union Member

How to become a USC Credit Union Member

Watch the interview with Rocio Flores, Chief Social Impact Officer with USC Credit Union on how to become a member and gain access to all their services. USC Credit Union is a proud member of the South Los Angeles CDFI Consortium.

Frequently Asked Questions

A credit union is a non-profit cooperative institution made up of members who borrow from pooled deposits. Credit unions offer most of the same services as traditional banks but are owned by members not shareholders and are governed by the NCUA. 

You are eligible to join the USC Credit Union if you meet ANY of the criteria listed below.

  1. Current USC employees, faculty, staff or enrolled students
  2. USC Alumni and Alumni Association Members
  3. Any and all persons, who live, regularly work, currently attend school or currently worship in the City of Los Angeles, California, as well as any and all businesses, corporations, and other legal entities in the City of Los Angeles, California. Any and all persons, who live, regularly work, currently attend school or currently worship in Orange County, California, as well as any and all businesses, corporations, and other legal entities in the Orange County, California
  4. Employees of the following employers in specific cities:
    • Woodbury University (Burbank, CA)
    • Los Angeles Child Guidance Inc. (Los Angeles, CA)
    • John Tracy Clinic (Los Angeles, CA)
    • Kenneth Norris Jr. Cancer Hospital (Los Angeles, CA)
    • Health Research Association (Los Angeles, CA)
  5. Persons within the immediate family of a member.*
  6. “Household members” of a member, including domestic partners.**
  7. Employees of this Credit Union.

*”Immediate Family” includes spouse, child, sibling, parent, grandparent, grandchild, stepparent, stepchild, and any adopted relationship.

**”Household members” means a person living in the same residence and maintaining a single economic unit (participating in the maintenance of the household), which includes a “significant other,” “domestic partner,” roommate, legal guardian, and/or live-in nanny or helper. “Domestic Partner” is a person who can demonstrate such fact by any reasonable evidence, such as for example, a “certificate of domestic partnership,” joint ownership in property or investments, and/or other evidence of maintenance of a single economic unit, including joint debt.

Credit union members receive several benefits including:

  • Fewer fees
  • Lower loan rates
  • Potentially higher rates of return on savings accounts
  • Personal attention
  • Online and mobile banking
  • Free financial education
  • And more!

We offer several easy ways to join our credit union. We require an opening deposit of at least $10 to join our credit union ($1 minimum deposit plus a $9 one-time membership fee).

  • Student Checking accounts do not require a minimum deposit.
  • Cardinal Checking accounts require a $25 minimum deposit.
  • Gold Checking accounts require a $750 minimum deposit.
  • Trojan Checking accounts require a $2,500 minimum deposit.

You can compare checking accounts to see which account is right for you!

Apply online and make your opening deposit electronically or visit us at one of our branches. If completing a membership in-person, schedule an appointment beforehand through our appointment system.

At USC Credit Union, you must be at least 18 years old to open your own individual account.

However, USC Students can open individual accounts if they are at least 17 years old. 

If you are under 17 years old, you will need your parent or legal guardian to act as a joint account holder.

Submitting a new account application online will take about 10 minutes and must be completed in one sitting or it will time-out. During the process, you will be asked a series of questions to help us verify your identity.

You must submit the following information and/or documents as part of your online application:

  • Your Social Security Number, if you have one
    • Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) accepted in lieu of SSN
  • Copy of your government-issued ID with a valid signature
    •  State-Issued Driver’s License or Identification Card
    •  Passport Booklet (Must include the signature page of Passport Booklet)
    • Matrícula Consular Mexicana (MCM) accepted in lieu of US ID
  • Proof of membership eligibility
    • USC ID for student, staff, or faculty
    • utility bill for gas, water, electric, or trash
    • paycheck stub, etc
    • Proof of Address if applying as a City of Los Angeles Resident (NOT County of Los Angeles) or Orange County Resident. PO Boxes do not qualify as physical addresses.
      • Lease/Rental Agreement or Mortgage Statement
      • Utility bill for gas, water, electric or trash
      • Voter Registration Card
      • Paycheck stub with a valid address
  • Account number from your current financial institution (if you are making your opening deposit electronically). The name on this account must match the name on your new USC Credit Union account.

Please have them ready before you begin. Missing information or documents will result in a processing delay of your application.

Switching to USC Credit Union is easy with our simple Switch Kit. We take the worry out of changing financial institutions and make moving your accounts to USC Credit Union fast, simple, and convenient. To get started just follow the steps below:

  • Open an account with USCCU
  • Leave your old account open until all services switch to your USCCU account
  • List all direct deposits and automatic payments you need to switch to your USCCU account
  • Prepare to transfer your direct deposit by contacting your employer/company to see what is required to transfer your direct deposit and ask for the date when the switch will be made.
  • Transfer automatic payments to your USCCU account
  • Track progress by using USCCU’s online banking and check your old account often to keep track of the switch progress of your direct deposits and automatic payments. Check off progress on the handy checklist on page two of our switch kit.
  • Close your old account

For more information, check out our Switch Kit page!

No, however appointments are highly recommended depending on which branch you’re visiting

The Flower Street, Campus Center, Health Sciences Campus, and University Village Branches are open for teller transactions without an appointment, but an appointment is highly recommended for completing a membership or loan application, disputes, and notary services.

  1. Visit our appointment system.
  2. Select your desired service
  3. Select a branch location
  4. Get your appointment confirmation via email/text

Our branch locations are as follows:

University Village Branch

  • 3096 South McClintock Ave,
    Suite 1430 Los Angeles, CA 90089
    Open M-F 9am to 6pm
    (877) 670-5860
    Make an appointment

Campus Center Branch

  • 3601 Trousdale Pkwy
    Student Union Building
    Los Angeles, CA 90089
    Open M-F 9am to 5pm
    (877) 670-5860
    Make an appointment

Health Science Campus Branch

  • 1969 Zonal Avenue
    Seaver Residence Hall
    Los Angeles, CA 90033
    Open M-F 8am to 5pm
    (877) 670-5860

Make an appointment

Flower Street Branch

3720 S Flower Street 
Los Angeles, CA 90089
Open M-F 9am to 5pm
(877) 670-5860
Make an appointment

You can find ATMs at all four of our branch locations. As a USC Credit Union member, you also have access to any Citibank branch ATM in the United States with no surcharges for withdrawals. Ask a representative or go to for more details. To find a shared branch and ATM near you, see our branch and ATM locator

For your convenience we have also partnered with CO-OP, a shared branching network that allows members of participating Credit Unions to do their daily business with us at over 30,000 branch locations and ATMs. No matter where you go throughout the country, you’ll be able to access your accounts in person as if you were at your local branch! 

No! USC Credit Union has full service online and mobile banking, allowing you to bank wherever you are!  

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