Center for Nonprofit Management

Achieve Results That Will Drive Change In Your Community

Our expert nonprofit consultants will help you find current and creative solutions customized for your organization’s needs. Services range from a single day retreat to multi-year initiatives and help leaders connect community needs with actionable solutions.

Building Organizational Capacity

Through a collaborative approach, we can help organizations better activate the potential of their staff, leadership and board. And we can also facilitate the development of actionable plans that lead your organization on a clear path toward a sustainable future.

• Strategic Direction
• Scenario Planning
• Organizational Assessment
• Fund Development Planning
• Executive Coaching
• Board & Staff Development

Invest in yourself and your team

We offer a range of seminars, certificate programs, special events and an annual conference; all designed to give you the best practices for managing people, projects and organizations and to create new connections.

  • Seminars
  • Certificate Programs
  • Special Events
  • 501(c)onference


Launch and Manage Initiatives

Our extensive connections within the nonprofit community make us an ideal partner in developing funding programs, supporting grantees, and providing a wide range of technical assistance that may be beyond the capacity of the grantmaker.

  • Program Design & Development
  • Technical Assistance
  • Grants Management
  • Project/Initiative Management
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