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Connecting people with their own sense of power and economic mobility

Founded in 1985 as the first Latina-operated nonprofit community economic development organization, New Economics for Women’s (NEW’s) vision is to create and build wealth opportunities for the Latina families and children we serve, sparking economic mobility as a pathway to an inspired and stable life.  

We carry out that mission through housing, education, financial planning and literacy, and now the support and creation of small business. We not only have designed and provide over 2,000 units of quality affordable housing in 13 complexes but have built two award-winning communities. This unique model, like no other in the United States, greatly increases the chance of upward mobility for families by putting multiple services under one roof.

We also hold deep expertise and success in homelessness prevention, being awarded programs to apply our knowledge and success in this arena. We have designed and have now executed a pilot program that has saved 70 out of 80 families from homelessness, are re-launching a special program in homelessness prevention, and actively support eviction prevention.

NEW Economics for Women
Business Center

The Business Center provides resources and tools to ensure women entrepreneurs are on the right track for economic independence through small business ownership.

We are here to help your business.

Register for local training workshops that help you develop your business. Book a 1-on-1 appointment with our staff.

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Restaurant Support Program

We’re helping restaurants stay open and continue to serve the people of LA County. Our mission is to get the word out about local restaurants so they can thrive and remain an important part of our community.

Made in L.A.


Have you dreamed of taking your fashion idea to market? Our Made in LA program is designed to give Los Angeles-based fashionistas the tools to make their dreams a reality. Each of the 7-sessions in the program are 2 hours long and will be taught by experienced professionals and designers from the industry. These experts will provide you with the tools, insights and step-by-step guidance for you to develop a cohesive business plan.

Twelve Steps for
Launching a Business

For any aspiring business owner, the “Next Step” is always the hardest one to take. Our experts can help guide you down the path to entrepreneurial greatness.

En Latina Biz ofrecemos recursos y herramientas especialmente desarrolladas en Español, por un equipo profesional de empresarios y empresarias latinas que ofrecen su conocimiento y experiencia en diversos temas de gestión de negocios para el crecimiento empresarial de nuestra comunidad hispana.

Nuestras principales líneas de acción son el acceso a capital y el desarrollo de habilidades de negocios. Nuestro mayor propósito es apoyar a las mujeres de negocios latinas con las herramientas necesarias para que se hagan cargo de su independencia financiera y puedan dirigir sus negocios a nuevos caminos y nuevas fuentes de ingresos.

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