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UAW Labor Employment and Training’s diverse and experienced team offers innovative workforce development solutions to thousands of job seekers and businesses nationwide annually. Collectively with our well established partners and employers, we provide flexible and high quality employment resources and customized training services to develop a robust workforce by responding to the evolving economy.

Career Services

LETC is here to provide you the resources and counseling services you need for career development and land your next job. These include:

Job Seeker Services for individuals seeking employment we offer a Career Resource Center, Computer Technology Center, workshops and customized assistance including career counseling, assessment, and job search assistance.

Career Resource Center will provide you with the tools you need that include computers, internet access, job related publications, instructional videos, fax machines, printers and phone bank.

Customized Assistance provides career counseling, aptitude assessment, no-cost Occupational Skills Education and Training, On-the Job Training, job placement assistance, post job placement support and supportive services.

Skilled Development Workshops provide on an ongoing basis, workshops to upgrade your job-searching skills.

Customized Assistance are for eligible individuals are provided with professional career counseling, aptitude assessments no-cost Occupational Skills Education and Training. On-the-Job training, job placement assistance, post job placement support and supportive services.
provides services for Veterans, individuals 55 and older, individuals with disabilities, and youth programs (under 21).

Specialized Services are available to Veterans, individuals 55 or older, individuals with disabilities, and youth under 21.

Business Development and Employer Services

For Business Entities we collaborate with education institutes, government agencies, business organizations, and the general community for the purpose of integrating a variety of services to businesses and individuals seeking employment. These include partnerships with the State of California Employment Development Departments and the Los Angeles Business Source (Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation).

These services include:

  • Recruitment Services
  • Onsite and virtual
  • Access to employee hiring
  • Human Resources Management counseling services and
  • Labor information services

We will recruit, identify and pre-screen job applicants based on the standards set by your company. We will match your available positions with skilled and motivated candidates. You have the final hiring decision. Recruitment assistance includes:

  • Developing recruitment strategies
  • Marketing / publicizing of positions
  • Profiling positions
  • Identifying required skills
  • Qualified applications
  • Screening resumes and applications

Downsizing Assistance / Business Closure
We can reduce the stress of having to conduct a layoff or a closure alone. We have a variety of services that will ease this process for employers. We conduct visits to review and discuss Rapid/Layoff Assistance for dislocated workers to educate employees on re-employment, retaining services, and unemployment insurance benefits. We coordinate on-site workshops on Job Search Assistance, Resume Writing and Interview Skills.

Labor Market Information
Due to the constantly evolving economy, we provide employers with relevant information on a range of labor market issues. Labor Market information includes wage and salary figures, occupational growth trends and forecast, employment statistics, and training providers.

Information and Referral
The WorkSource Center can provide employers with information and BusinessSource referrals for:

  • Business Loans
  • Hiring incentives
  • Employment and training providers
  • Community service organizations
  • Business Consultants (human resource specialist, business marketing, CPA etc.)

Subsidized Employee Training and On-the-Job Training (OJT)
WorkSource staff will assist employers in identifying appropriate resources to meet their training needs for new and incumbent workers under our Subsidized Training Program.

On-the-job training (OJT) is a wage reimbursement program that defrays the cost of training a new employee. OJT is training conducted by the employer to a paid employee (training wage) to provide the employee with knowledge and skills essential for the performance of the job. We reimburse the employer up to 50 percent of the trainee’s wage rate, the cost of providing training and additional supervision related to the training. The length of an OJT contract is determined by the skill requirements of the occupation, the skill level of the participant, and prior work experience. We take the hassle out by providing recruitment assistance and performing virtually all the paperwork.

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Join us at the South LA Worksource Center, providing Local Area Jobs, Community Resources, Internet Access, and Orientations every Wednesday at 9am.

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