Business Services

Grow Your Business

Business Services are designed to assist small business owners with financing needs including B2B Mentorship, Business Loans, and Equity Investments. The goal of the business service programs offered by members of the South L.A. Consortium is to provide eligible business owners located in South Los Angeles with access to capital to help sustain and grow business operations. To achieve this goal members of the South L.A. Consortium offer capital as either traditional debt or equity investment.

B2B Mentorship

Access experts who share proven strategies and actionable inspiration on topics that range from starting a business, growing an existing business, securing capital and more.

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Business Loans

Our members are committed to providing responsible financing to small businesses, serving the needs of under-served communities.

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Equity Investments

Ready to start a business and need a partner to bring your vision to life? Access the capital you need through equity investment in your business.

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