Small Business, Big Dreams: Anna Cordova

Small Business, Big Dreams: Anna Cordova

Anna Cordova, a native Californian small business owner, has transcended barriers as a woman in the entertainment industry. Things haven’t been easy for her in the sector, but she is inspired by her love for the business, process, and bringing quality content to the market.

In 1989, Anna and her business partner founded FILMLOOK, a full-service facility providing production teams, editing, and post-production services. Seeing a need for an easier-to-handle alternative to film, she revolutionized the industry by patenting 24P, a cost-effective option that makes video look like real film.

She was in the midst of rebranding the company when COVID-19 hit, which put a halt to those plans. During this already stressful time, her business partner retired, and she became the sole owner of FILMLOOK. With so many businesses being shut down by the pandemic, she realized that she needed assistance to be able to navigate the newfound challenges. That is when she came across The Center by Lendistry and was connected with an advisor which gave her the opportunity to take a step back and learn about critical parts of managing the business. Anna received invaluable assistance like learning to manage the fiscal part of her business, obtaining small business certifications, and guidance with applying for grants. 

The knowledge that she has gained has been a game-changer, as she plans to expand her business and continue to break barriers in the entertainment industry. “I want to be my own biggest client and bring in more business to help FILMLOOK expand and thrive. It’s important to find an organization like The Center that can help you build and grow,” said Anna. 

“The Center by Lendistry is proud to provide free one-on-one assistance for diverse small business owners, and we honor women-owned small business owners not only this month but year-round. Women-owned businesses are fueled by passion and determination that positively impact our children and society, and we need to support more of them through mentorship and capital assistance,” said Tunua Thrash-Ntuk, President and CEO of The Center by Lendistry. 

The Center is committed to providing resources, technical assistance, and expertise to help women and diverse-owned businesses grow and succeed.

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